Our Stallions

We are very excited about the QUALITY of the horses in our Breeding Program as we are breeding Superior Mare’s to our Incredible Stallions and are producing Outstanding Foals.  Our goal is to produce foals that are well Balanced, have Great Conformation, Beautiful Movement, and are Refined. 


We are also breeding with Color in mind as we put our Mares in with our Stallions to produce Unique Colors and Color Patterns. Our Breeding Program has Pinto’s and Solid’s, Palomino, Buckskin, Silver, Sabino and Roan.  Several of our Horses are Homozygous for Black as well as Tobiano.

If you are looking specifically for a Blue Roan, we have decided to start a Blue Roan Breeding Program to produce incredible looking Blue Roans of Quality; that are 32-36 inches tall. Some will be TRIPLE Registered (ASPC / AMHR / AMHA) or small enough to be Hardshipped into AMHA. I have looked for Triple Registered Blue Roans or Blue Roans between 32-36 inches tall. I DID NOT FIND ANY and the Blue Roans that DID catch my eye were either 37-38 plus in height or registered AMHA/AMHR. 


Our Pedigree Line’s consist of Bar-G's Rock "E", B & L's Rock "E" Mr. Morgan, Wa-Full Unique Legend, Lee-Land Unique, Silver Meadows Jet Set Go, and many Arenosa Lines. 

Tuffy Hydes 8x10 FIN 2699.jpg


Wa-Full Unique Tuffy

2012 ASPC/AMHR Buckskin Stallion | E/e, A/a, N/Cr

Lee-Land Unique x Wa-Full Bud's Salt Water Taffy


  • National Top Ten Halter Stallion

  • Multi Grand Champion & Champion Halter Stallion

  • National Sweepstakes Champion Producer

  • National Champion Producer

  • Multi National & Congress Res. Champion Producer

  • Multi National & Congress Top Ten Producer

  • Multi National Top Ten Futurity Producer​

8x10 FIN 5062.jpg


Monty of DreamCatcher (HOF) / Monty of Legends (ASPC) 

2013 TRIPLE Reg. ASPC/AMHR/AMHA Blue Roan Stallion |  E/E, a/a, Rn/N

Wa-Full Unique Legend (AMHR) | Wa-Full Unique Tom the Builder (ASPC) x Wa-Full Par Tinkerbelle (ASPC/AMHR) | RHA Tinkerbell Blue (AMHA) - (E/e, a/a, Rn/N, N/TO)

  • HOF - Halter

  • National Top 5 Get of Sire

  • Multi National Top Ten Open Halter Stallion

  • National Top Ten Model Stallion

  • National Top Four Solid Color

  • 10 x Grand Champion

  • Multi Supreme Champion

CobbleCreeks Mr SmokNHot Salutation_LS.j


CobbleCreeks Mr SmokNHot Salutation

2019 ASPC/AMHR Bay Roan Stallion | E/e, A/a, Rn/N, N/SW1

B & L's Rock "E" Mr. Morgan (HOF) x Filipowicz Just A Little Patience - (E/E, A/a, Rn/Rn)

  • AMHR National Top Ten Champion Stallion Foal of Current Year Over 30 - 32

  • Multi Reserve Champion Junior Stallion

  • Multi Reserve Champion Yearling Stallion 

  • Reserve Champion Amateur Halter Stallion

  • Multi Champion Solid Color Stallion

Sundance LB Gato SA


Sundance LB Gato SA

2018 ASPC/AMHR Black Stallion |  E/e, a/a - (100% Straight Arenosa)

Sundance LB Juan Pablo (HOF)  x  Sundance LB E-Katrina

  • Multi Reserve Champion Junior Stallion

  • Multi Reserve Champion Yearling Stallion

  • Multi Champion & Reserve Champion Amateur Halter Stallion

  • Reserve Champion Liberty



Sundance LB Juan Pablo's Aztec SA

2019 ASPC/AMHR Black Pinto Colt  |  E/E, a/a, N/TO - (100% Straight Arenosa)

Sundance LB Juan Pablo (HOF) x Sundance LB Mistress In Lace