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We are very excited about the QUALITY of the horses in our Breeding Program as we are breeding Superior Mare’s to our Incredible Stallions and are producing Outstanding Foals.  Our goal is to produce foals that are well Balanced, have Great Conformation, Beautiful Movement, and are Refined. 


We are also breeding with Color in mind as we put our Mares in with our Stallions to produce Unique Colors and Color Patterns. Our Breeding Program has Pinto’s and Solid’s, Palomino, Buckskin, Silver, Sabino and Roan.  Several of our Horses are Homozygous for Black as well as Tobiano.


Our Pedigree Line’s consist of Bar-G's Rock "E", B & L's Rock "E" Mr. Morgan, Wa-Full Unique Legend, Lee-Land Unique, Silver Meadows Jet Set Go, and many Arenosa Lines. 

8x10 FIN 8249.jpg


Hyde Away Ranch Talkin Silver Mist

2018 TRIPLE Reg. ASPC/AMHR/AMHA Silver Dapple Mare | E/E, a/a, N/Z

Claybury Money Talks (ASPC/AMHR/AMHA) - (E/e, a/a, N/SW1)  x  AClassic Touch La Plata Brisa (HOF) TRIPLE Reg. ASPC/AMHR/AMHA) - (E/e, a/a, N/Z)

  • AMHR Reserve Champion Mare

  • AMHR Champion Amateur Halter Mare

  • AMHR Champion & Reserve Champion Solid Color Mare

  • AMHR Champion Liberty

  • AMHA Grand Champion Mare

  • AMHA Grand Reserve Amateur Halter Mare

  • AMHA Champion Solid Color Mare

8x10 Final 5493.jpg

In Foal to Wa-Full Unique Tuffy for 2022  


Caldwell's Miss Rockette

2014 ASPC/AMHR/PtHA Bay Pinto Mare | E/E, A/a, TO/TO - ASPC Foundation

Graham's Fashion King x Masters Painted Miss Poppy

  • Multiple National Top Five Halter

  • Multiple AMHR All Star

  • Multi Reserve Halter Champion Producer


In Foal to Wa-Full Unique Tuffy for 2022 Foal 


Hyde Away Ranch Fine N Dandi

2016 ASPC/AMHR Black Pinto Mare  |  E/E, a/a, N/CR,  N/TO 

RHA Genu Ine Fine (HOF) x Wa-Full Unique Buckwheat

  • National Top Ten Liberty (6th out of 25

  • Champion & Reserve Champion Halter Mare 

  • Multi Champion & Reserve Champion Mare 

  • Multi Champion & Reserve Champion Amateur Halter Mare 

  • Multi Champion & Multi Reserve Champion Liberty

Sandie_6.2018_2 weeks_2 (1).jpg

In Foal to Wa-Full Unique Tuffy for 2022 Foal 


RHA Kidd's Unique Pecan Sandie

2018 ASPC/AMHR Seal Brown Mare | E/E. A/a

Graham's Cisco Kidd x Wa-Full Unique Pecan Sandie of EWS

8x10 FIN 0101.jpg


Buckeye WCF Classical Music (HOF - Halter)

2002 ASPC/AMHR Black Pinto Mare | E/e, a/a, N/TO

Graham's Little King Lee (HOF) x M.A.M. Music's Miss Melody (HOF)

  • HOF Halter

  • Congress Res. Champion Halter Mare, Under

  • Congress Top Five Multi-Color Mare

  • Congress Res. Champion Classic Open Pleasure Driving, Under 

  • 8 x Grand Champion Halter

  • Multi Champion Classic Pleasure Driving Stake, Under  ​

8x10 FIN 0996.jpg

In Foal to Monty of DreamCatcher (HOF) for 2022 Foal


Hyde Away Ranch Rocks Peek A Boo

2018 ASPC/AMHR Black Pinto Filly  |  E/E, a/a, N/CR, N/TO

Caldwell's Little Rock (E/E, A/a, TO/TO) x DBD Dial-A-First Peek (HOF) -  (E/E, a/a, N/Cr)

  • Multi Reserve Champion Mare

  • Multi Champion & Reserve Champion Amateur Halter Mare

Priceless Miracles Callie (HOF)


Priceless Miracles Callie (HOF)

2012 ASPC/AMHR Silver Smoky Black Mare - E/e, a/a, N/Z, N/Cr, N/W20

Pony-Vista's Opening Night (HOF) - (Lab Tested: E/E, W20) x Dakota San Juan  Paloma (Lab Tested: N/Z, N/CR)

  • Multi National Top Ten Halter

  • Multi Grand Champion Halter

  • Multi Champion Halter

  • National Champion Halter Producer

  • Multi National Top Ten Halter Producer

  • Multi National Top Ten Futurity Halter Producer

  • Multi Grand & Grand Reserve Champion Halter Producer

Hyde Away Ranch Blue Diamond


Hyde Away Ranch Blue Diamond

2020 TRIPLE Reg. ASPC/AMHR/AMHA Black Filly  |  E/E, a/a

Monty of DreamCatcher (HOF) | Monty of Legends (ASPC) - (E/E. a/a, Rn/N) x Sundance LB Fancy Teca SA - (E/e, a/a)


All Unanimous at her very first Show:

  • Multi GRAND Champion Mare (Unanimous)

  • Multi Champion Junior Mare (Unanimous)

  • Multi Champion Yearling Mare 32" & Under  (Unanimous)

  • Multi Champion Amateur Halter Mare 34" & Under (Unanimous)

  • Multi Champion Solid Color Mare 34" & Under (Unanimous)

8x10 FIN lanscape 2109.jpg

In Foal to CobbleCreeks Mr SmoknHot Salutation for 2022


DBD Dial-A-First-Peek (HOF - Pleasure Driving)

2012 ASPC/AMHR Smokey Black Mare | E/E, a/a, N/Cr 

N.J.'s Peekaboo Feet (HOF) x SMHC'S Excelsiors Elegance


  • Multi Grand Champion Halter & Multi Grand Res. Champion Halter Mare

  • Multi Champion & Multi Reserve Champion Pleasure Driving Stakes

  • Multi Champion & Multi Reserve Champion Open Pleasure Driving   

  • Multi Champion Solid Color Mare 

  • Multi Champion & Reserve Champion Liberty 

  • Reserve Champion Amateur & Open Halter Obstacle

  • Multi Champion Gentlemen Roadster

  • Multi Champion & Multi Reserve Champion Roadster Stake

8x10 Heart Throb DSC_0353.jpg


Silver Meadows Jets Wild Child

2011 ASPC/AMHR Black Mare |  E/E, a/a  - ASPC Foundation

Silver Meadows Jet Set Go (HOF) (AMHR) / Queen's Ebony Jet (ASPC) x C.L.R.'s Wild Thang 

  • National Reserve Futurity Champion Producer

  • National Top Three Futurity Champion Producer

  • Multi National Top Five Open Halter Producer

  • National Top Ten Producer

  • Multi Halter Champion Producer


In Foal to Monty of DreamCatcher (HOF) for 2022 Foal


Caldwell's Evening Star

2002 ASPC/AMHR Seal Brown Mare  |  E/E, A/a

Kewpie's Classic Mucho of Arenosa (HOF) x Sundance Cody's Blazing Glory N.T.A.

  • Multi National Champion Producer

  • National Reserve Champion Halter Producer

  • National Champion Futurity Stallion Producer

  • National Top Five Halter Producer

  • Multi National Top Ten Halter Producer

  • European Multi First Premium NMPRS & BMP Producer

  • Australian National Champion Producer

Sundance LB SA Shabree



Sundance LB SA Shabree

2014 ASPC/AMHR Silver Dapple Pinto Mare  |  E/e, a/a, N/Z, N/TO - 100%  Arenosa

Establo Aztec (HOF)  x  Sundance LB Ovation​

Filipowicz Just A Little Patience_Showin


Filipowicz Just A Little Patience

2011 ASPC/AMHR Bay Roan Mare  |  E/E, A/a, Rn/Rn

Filipowicz Just In Time x Hopwood's Baroness Castalia (E/e, A/a, Rn/Rn)

  • Multi Grand Champion Mare

  • Multi National Champion Producer

  • National Futurity Champion Producer

  • Multi National Futurity Top Ten Producer

  • National Champion Producer 

  • Multi National Top Ten Champion Producer 

  • Champion of Champion Producer

  • Multi Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion Producer

8x10 FIN 9486.jpg


Hyde Away Ranch Unique Just Ask Me

2017 ASPC/AMHR Black Pinto Mare | E/E, a/a, N/TO 

RHA Unique Justice (HOF) (E/E, A/a) x Caldwell's Miss Rockette (E/E, A/a, To/TO)

  • Multi Reserve Halter Champion

  • Multi Champion Owned, Bred & Shown by Exhibitor




Moon Shine Blues

2017 ASPC/AMHR Sabino Roan Mare  |  E/e, a/a, Rn/N, N/SB1  

Monty of Dreamcatcher (HOF) - AMHR - (E/E, a/a, Rn/N)  x Sundance LB Serendipity 

Hopwoods Baroness Castalia

In Foal to Rhapsody's White Chocolate Mocha for 2022 Foal


Hopwood's Baroness Castalia

2003 ASPC/AMHR Bay Roan Mare  |  E/e, A/a, Rn/Rn  

Baron's Benny VB x Mollie's Little Copper G.K.

  • Multi National & Congress Champion Producer

  • Multi National & Congress Reserve Champion Producer 

  • Champion of Champions Producer 

  • Multi Grand Champion Producer