Our 2019 Foals 

We are very excited about the QUALITY of the horses in our Breeding Program as we are breeding Superior Mare’s to our Incredible Stallions and are producing Outstanding Foals.  Our goal is to produce foals that are well Balanced, have Great Conformation, Beautiful Movement, and are Refined. 


We are also breeding with Color in mind as we put our Mares in with our Stallions to produce Unique Colors and Color Patterns. Our Breeding Program has Pinto’s and Solid’s, Palomino, Buckskin, Silver, Sabino and Roan.  Several of our Horses are Homozygous for Black as well as Tobiano.


Our Pedigree Line’s consist of Wa-Full Unique Legend, Lee-Land Unique, Silver Meadows Jet Set Go, Caldwell and RHA Breedings and many Arenosa Lines. 

Hyde Away Ranch Rocks Elegance



2019 ASPC / AMHR Black Pinto Filly

Caldwell's Little Rock  x RHA Unique Troubaritz


SOLD - Congratulations to Jessica Matheson-Vassar of Worley, Idaho.


Hyde Away Ranch Rocks Elegance is very good looking girl.  She is upright and very refined. She has great conformation and Presence.  Ellie's Dam is the Full Sister to RHA Unique Troubadour. 

Ellie's Dam is the only full Sibling to RHA Unique Troubadour. We are very excited what Ritzy has thrown for us this year as this filly is Ritzy's first foal, making this filly very special to us plus she is Sired by our Caldwell’s Little Rock making her even more special. She is very upright and can really move when she feels like it.  

Hyde Away Ranch Rocks Jet Set



2019 ASPC / AMHR Bay Pinto Colt

Caldwell's Little Rock  x Silver Meadows Jets Wild Child


Hyde Away Ranch Rocks Jet Set is a heart stealer. Jet is very Regal and erect when he stands. He has the Presence and attitude for the Show Ring! He is refined and has great conformation. He is a gorgeous mover and very easy to handle. His Dam is a Silver Meadows Jet Set Go Daughter. We have retained several of her daughters for our breeding program. Jet looks and moves like his Sire, Caldwell's Little Rock.

Hyde Away Ranch Rocks Oreanna



2019 ASPC / AMHR Bay Pinto Filly

Caldwell's Little Rock  x Buckeye WCF Classical Music (HOF)


If you are looking for a Shetland size to show she has color and amazing markings. She is very striking and has the conformation and movement.  Her Dam is a Halter HOF with beautiful movement. This filly is expected to go over 38 inches.

Hyde Away Ranch Blues Majestic Lad



2019 AMHR / AMHA Pinto Colt

Monty of Dreamcatcher (TRIPLE Reg. ASPC / AMHR / AMHA) x FHFS Lads Shes Still Got It (AMHR / AMHA)



Congratulations to his new Owner, Elizabeth Schulz-Gallacher

Hyde Away Ranch Blues Majestic Lad has conformation and movement.  He has big expressive eyes, a small muzzle, an Araby Head, and is very upright. His Dam, FHFS Lads Shes Still Got It, is a multi National Reserve Champion Halter Mare.  Lad loves to run and he is fast. Watching him take off on his sprints is a hoot to watch. 

As to his Color, he could stay a Bay or change to a Buckskin or a Roan. His Sire is a Blue Roan and his Dam, Gidget, is a Silver Buckskin Tobiano 

Hyde Away Ranch Fast N Furious



2019 ASPC / AMHR Smoky Black Colt

Claybury Money Talks (TRIPLE Reg. ASPC / AMHR / AMHA) x Wa-Full Unique Buckwheat


Hyde Away Ranch Fast N Furious certainly has Character! He will remain a small and his antics will keep a smile on your face. You never know what he will do next. When he trots it's an "OH WOW!" He flags his tail and catches your attention immediately! He refused to show off for the camera. 

Hyde Away Ranch Rocks Classic Dream



2019 ASPC / AMHR Bucksin Pinto Filly

Caldwell's Little Rock x Establo Luisa

Multi Reserve Champion Junior Mare  |  Multi Grand Reserve Champion Mare  |  Multi Champion Yearling Mare


Enjoy Dream's Video's

Video on right is Dream at 2 months, Video on left is Dream at 4 months


Congratulations to his new Owner, Amanda Cristler


Hyde Away Ranch Rocks Classic Dream is a beautiful filly that we hate to sell. We have enough Mare's that we need to start selling our foals. We hope she finds a show home as she has the Spunk, Looks, Attitude and Conformation needed to be a winner.

Hyde Away Ranch SJ Miss Spitfire


2019 ASPC / AMHR Palomino Filly

Dakota San Juan Lorenzo (TRIPLE Reg. ASPC / AMHR / AMHA) x Dakota San Juana



Hyde Away Ranch SJ Miss Spitfire is a beautiful Palomino Filly that has a very sweet disposition. She has the attitude needed for the show Arena. If shown, we expect her to do well in the Show Arena as she has the attitude.  


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