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Thank you and Congratulations to everyone that has purchased horses from Hyde Away Ranch. We wish you the very best with them!

Hyde Away Ranch  Rocks Jet Set



2019 ASPC / AMHR Seal Brown Pinto  Stallion

Lab Tested: E/E, A/a, N/TO

Sire: Caldwell's Little Rock (Lab tested E/E, A/a, TO/TO)

Dam: Silver Meadows Jets Wild Child (Lab Tested E/E, a/a)

Congratulations to New Owner, Elizabeth Guymon Keck

Hyde Away Ranch R ocks Night Rider



2020 ASPC/AMHR Bay Pinto Colt

 Caldwell's Little Rock (Lab tested: Homozygous Black & Tobiano (E/E, A/a, TO/TO) x Hyde Away Ranch R Unique Wild Kat (Lab tested: Heterozygous Black (E/e, A/a)

Congratulations to New Owner 

Hyde Away Ranch R Unique Wild Kat



2016 ASPC/AMHR Bay Mare - Foundation

Lab Tested: Heterzygous Black (E/e, A/a)

Wa-Full Unique Legend (AMHR) / Wa-Full Unique Tom The Builder (ASPC)  x  Silver Meadows Jets Wild Child (Lab tested: Homozygous Black (E/E, a/a)

Congratulations to New Owner 

Hyde Away Ranch Talkin Giovanni



2020 ASPC/AMHR /AMHA Triple Reg. Sabino Colt

 Claybury Money Talks (Lab tested: Heterozgous Black (E/e, a/a, N/SW1) x Spirit Thunders Jovana (Lab tested: Homozygous Red (e/e, N/SB1)

Congratulations to Tracy Tilton-Gutscher of Washington

Spirit Thunder's Jovana



2013 TRIPLE Reg. ASPC / AMHR / AMHA Red Sabino Mare

Lab Tested: Homozygous Red & Heterozygous Sabino (e/e, a/a, N/SB1)

Establo Martini On The Rocks (HOF)  x  CLC Baile Del Sol

National Top Five Two Year Old Mare (4th out of 19)  |  National Top Ten Model Mare (9th out of 24)  |  National Top Ten Mare Owned, Bred & Shown by Exhibitor (6th out of 23)  |  National Top Ten Multi Color Mare (10th out of 11)  |  Reserve GRAND Champion Mare  |  Multi Reserve Champion Junior Mare  |  Multi Champion & Reserve Champion Two Year Old Mare  |  Champion & Multi Champion Amateur Halter Mare  |  Multi Champion Owned, Bred & Shown by Exhibitor

Congratulations to Tracy Tilton-Gutscher of Washington

Claybury Money Talks



2014 TRIPLE Registered (ASPC / AMHR / AMHA) Black Stallion

Lab Tested: E/e, a/a, N/SW1

From the Heart Right on the Money (ASPC / AMHR) | Claybury’s Right on the Money (AMHA) x 

Rhapsody’s Minuet in C (ASPC / AMHR) | Claybury’s Rhapsody Minuet in C (AMHA)

World Top Ten Junior Stallion  |  Supreme Halter Champion  |  Multi Grand Champion  |  Reserve Grand Champion

World Grand Champion Producer  |  World Champion Producer

Congratulations to Tracy Tilton-Gutscher of Washington

Hyde Away Ranch  Fast N Furious



2019 ASPC / AMHR Smoky Black Gelding

Claybury Money Talks (TRIPLE Reg. ASPC / AMHR / AMHA) x Wa-Full Unique Buckwheat

Congratulations to Nikki Hoffman of Parma, Idaho 

Hyde Away Ranch  Rocks Renegade



2018 ASPC / AMHR Bay Pinto Gelding

Caldwell's Little Rock x Caldwell's Evening Star

Congratulations to Jessie Hunting of Nampa, Idaho 


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