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2020 ASPC/AMHR/AMHA Black Mare (Lab Tested: E/E, a/a)

Multi GRAND Champion  |  Multi Champion - Junior  |  Multi Champion Halter  | Multi Champion Amateur Halter  |  Multi Solid Color Champion 


2020 ASPC/AMHR/AMHA Blue Roan Stallion Colt (Lab Tested: E/E, a/a, Rn/N)

AMHR Multi Champion Stallion of Current Year  |  AMHR Champion & Reserve Champion Amateur Halter  | 

AMHR Multi Champion Solid Color Stallion

Hyde Away Ranch Blue Diamond
Hyde Away Ranch Blue Chip_


Our Miniature Roans have Quality Pedigrees, they are Refined and have Beautiful Movement. A few of our Roan Stallions are Triple Registered. Their Pedigrees include Wa-Full Unique Legend (HOF), Lee-Land Unique, B & L's Rock "E" Mr. Morgan (HOF), Bar G'S Rock "E" (HOF) Lines. All of these Stallions have produced many Outstanding Progeny and those Progeny have gone on to produce many Outstanding Progeny. Many of these Progeny lines have earned their Hall of Fame. The above named Stallions have been Awarded not one BUT two or more Supreme Sire Awards or could qualify for even more Supreme Sire Awards.































CobbleCreeks Mr. SmokNHot Salutation
Wa-Full Unique Tuffy


Son of the Legendary Lee-Land Unique & Wa-Full Bud's Salt Water Taffy

2012 ASPC/AMHR Buckskin Stallion (Lab Tested: E/e, A/a, N/Cr)


National Top Ten Halter Stallion  |  Multi Grand Champion & Champion Halter Stallion  |  National Sweepstakes Champion Producer

National Champion Producer  |  Multi National & Congress Res. Champion Producer  |  Multi National & Congress Top Ten Producer

Multi National Top Ten Futurity Producer

"Sal's" Paternal Grand Sire is the Legendary BAR-G'S ROCK "E" (HOF). "Sal" has inherited the "Rock E" presence, gorgeous head, beautiful upright neck, and beautiful movement. He is a beautiful Bay Roan Stallion that will add the "Royal" and Legendary "Rock E" genetics to our lines and be a great asset in our Roan Breeding Program. "Sal's" Sire, B & L's Rock "E" Mr. Morgan (HOF), has Sired Multiple Champions. 


Son of the Legendary B & L's Rock "E" Mr. Morgan (HOF) & Proven Mare, Filipowicz Just A Little Patience

2019 ASPC/AMHR Bay Roan Stallion (Lab Tested: E/e, A/a, Rn/N, N/SW1)

2019 AMHR National Top Ten Weanling Stallion

Monty of DreamCatcher (HOF)

"Blue" was shown until he earned his Hall of Fame. He was hardshipped into AMHA Registry making him a huge asset in our Triple Registered Breeding Program. "Blue's" Sire, Wa-Full Unique Legend, has produced many Champion Progeny and has earned Superior Sire multiple times. "Blue's" Grand Sire, Lee-Land Unique, has also Sired many Champions and those Progeny have Produced Champions, including our Buckskin Stallion, Wa-Full Unique Tuffy.

Hyde Away Ranch Blue Smoke and Hyde Away
Hyde Away Ranch Blue Smoke and Hyde Away
Hyde Away Ranch Blue Smoke and Hyde Away

Monty of DreamCatcher's 2020 BLUE ROAN COLTS having a good time


Grand Son of the Legendary Lee-Land Unique and Son of Wa-Full Unique Legend

2013 ASPC/AMHR / AMHA Blue Roan Stallion (Lab Tested: E/E, a/a, Rn/N)

HOF - Halter  |  Multi National Top Ten Halter Stallion  |  National Top Ten Model Stallion

National Top Four Solid Color  |  10 x Grand Champion  |  Multi Supreme Champion  |  Multi GRAND Champion Producer  |  Multi Champion Junior Producer  |  Multi Champion Halter Producer  | Multi Champion Amateur Halter Producer  |  Multi Solid Color Champion Producer

"Tuffy" was shown for a limited amount of time. Tuffy has Sired many National / Congress Champions and a National Sweepstake Champion. His Sire, Lee-Land Unique, and his Dam, Wa-Full Bud's Salt Water Taffy have both produced many Champions and those Progeny have Produced Champions. Lee-Land Unique has earned many Get of Sire in both National / Congress Titles.

If you like Video's, we have over 30 different Video's on our Website. The various different Video's are repeated throughout our Website for your convenience. We have added a "Let's Talk Horses!" which is on every page so you can ask questions or make comments as you scroll through the pages. Be sure to include your email address so we can respond back to you. If we don't respond immediately, please be patient, as we are probably out with the horses and will get back to you when we get back in.   


We are very excited about the QUALITY of horses in our ASPC / AMHR Breeding Program in which we are breeding Superior Mare’s to our Incredible Stallions and are producing Outstanding Foals of every Color and Color Pattern.  ALL of our horses are beautiful movers with great conformations! We are excited as several have earned their Hall of Fame either for Halter or Pleasure Driving.

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Cobblecreeks Mr. Smoknhot Salutation
Hyde Away Ranch Stallion Ad
Polly Hyde Tuffy FINAL (2)
Hyde Away Ranch Stallion/Foal Ad
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