Sundance LB Cassandra

2009 TRIPLE Reg. ASPC / AMHR / AMHA Black Mare - 100% Arenosa

Lab Tested: E/e a/a

Sire: Sundance LB Morocco (HOF)  x  Dam: Sundance LB Catalina

National Top Ten Halter Producer  |  Multi Champion Halter Producer 

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Sundance LB Cassandra
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Sundance LB Cassandra
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Sundance LB Cassandra
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Sundance LB Cassandra a National Top Ten Champion Producer, has big eyes, nice long neck with ultra-refined bone structure. She is the Paternal Sister to our Mare, Sundance LB Davina SA; and Davina’s Full Brother Sundance LB Black Rock SA (HOF).  Their Sire, Sundance LB Morocco (HOF) is a multiple Grand Champion and National Champion Producer.  We are very fortunate to have both of these Sisters in our Breeding Program. Cassie is the Maternal Sister to our Back-up Stallion, Sundance LB Catalina Express SA.

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Sundance LB Cassandra bred To Monty of Dreamcatcher for 2021 TRIPLE Reg. Foal

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Sundance LB Charm Bracelet

2014 ASPC / AMHR Silver Dapple Mare

Sire: Establo Aztec (HOF)

National Top Ten Halter Mare  |  Multi Champion Halter Mare

Photo credit and permission to use - Leslie Brown of Shadowfax Miniature and Shetlands