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Establo Luisa

2006 ASPC / AMHR Palomino Mare - 100% Arenosa

Lab Tested: e/e, a/a, N/Cr

Kewpie's Klassic Kreation of Arenosa  X  Lasca Kewpie of Arenosa

National Area 8 GRAND Reserve Champion Mare  |  National Area 8 Reserve Champion Junior Mare  |  Multi National Area 8 Two Reserve Champion Year Old Mare  |  Multi Grand & Multi GRAND Reserve Champion Mare  |  Multi Champion  & Multi Reserve Champion Junior Mare  |  Champion & Multi Reserve Two Year Old Mare  | Multi Champion Yearling Mare  |  Multi Champion Amateur Halter Mare  |  Grand & Res. Champion Producer  |  Multi Jr. Champion Producer

Congratulations to Amanda Cristler. Vision is going to Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Establo Luisa is a beautiful Palomino Mare that is not only exquisite looking, she passes her looks on to her foals. She is one of the few red based Mare’s that we have in our Breeding Program. She seems to pass her Cream Gene on to her Foals. Most of her Pedigree lines are Arenosa, her lines do not come directly from the Arenosa lines of Audrey Barrett’s Breeding Program.  

RHA Unique Promise

RHA Unique Promise

2016 ASPC / AMHR Bay Mare

Lab Tested: E/E, A/a

 Sire: Wa-Full Unique Legend (AMHR) / Wa-Full Unique Tom The Builder (ASPC) 

Dam: RHA Jets Heart Throb (Lab Tested: E/E, a/a)

RHA Unique Promise bred To Wa-Full Unique Tuffy for 2020  Foal

Congratulations to New Owner.

RHA Unique Promise is a beautiful Wa-Full Unique Legend daughter. She is very Refined, Upright, Balanced, has very nice conformation, a small muzzle, nice Archy Necks, Araby Heads, and moves beautifully. We have her Dam, RHA Jets Heart Throb and her maternal Brother, Hyde Away Ranch Unique Just Jet whose Sire was also by Wa-Full Unique Legend.


We have many Silver Meadows Jet Set Go (HOF) lines in our Breeding Program as this line produces many National Driving Champions and the Wa-Full Unique Legend line’s that produces many National Halter Champions. 


RHA Unique Troubaritz

2016 ASPC / AMHR Bay Mare - ASPC Foundation Lab Tested: E/E, A/a

Wa-Full Unique Legend (AMHR) / Wa-Full Unique Tom The Builder (ASPC)  x  Silver Meadows Jets Black Magic

National Top Ten Futurity Mare (10th out of 47)  |  Multi Reserve Champion Junior Mare  |   Multi Champion Mare Foal of Current Year  

The only FULL Sibling to RHA Unique Troubadour, 9x National & Res. National Champion

Her Sire, Wa-Full Unique Legend, at 7 years old became a Superior Sire.

Congratulations to Amanda Cristler. Ritzy is going to Bonners Ferry, Idaho

RHA Unique Troubartitz has huge expressive eyes, small muzzle as well as her Sire’s upright build, Balance and beautiful Araby type head that her Sire, Wa-Ful Unique Legend passes to his Foals.  He is a 2 x National Get of Sire Champion. She inherited her Dam’s beautiful qualities and movement. This Mare has it all! The looks and movement. RHA Unique Troubartitz’s Maternal Grand Sire is Silver Meadows Jet Set Go (HOF).


We felt her Full Brother, RHA Unique Troubadour, is such an incredible Stallion that we wanted his full Sister in our breeding Program.  He is a 9 x National & Reserve National Champion and a National Futurity Supreme Champion. By the time he was five; in the first 3 years that he was producing offspring, he Sired over 50 Grand Champions and many National & Congress Halter Champions & Reserve Halter Champions.

Sundance LB Catalina Express SA

Sundance LB Catalina Express SA

2019 ASPC / AMHR Black Pinto Stallion - 100% Straight Arenosa

Lab Tested: E/E, a/a

Sundance LB Juan Pablo (HOF)  x  Sundance LB Catalina

Congratulations to his New Owner. Preston is going to Washington

Caldwell's I M King

Caldwell's I  M  King

2017 ASPC / AMHR Bay Pinto Stallion - ASPC Foundation  

Graham's Fashion King  x  Buckeye WCF Classical Music

Reserve Champion Yearling Stallion  |  Multi Champion Amateur Halter Stallion

Congratulations to Jessie Hunting of Nampa, Idaho 

Caldwell’s I M King is a beautiful Stallion with incredible movement and conformation like his Dam, Buckeye WCF Classical Music (HOF) and his Sire, Graham's Fashion King. His Sire has produced many National Champions and is a HOF producer. His Dam is a Congress Pleasure Driving and Halter Champion.

King is the Paternal Brother to Caldwell's Little Rock, and our Mare's, Caldwell's Miss Rockette & Caldwell's Rock Candy By King.


Spirit Thunder's Jovana

2013 TRIPLE Reg. ASPC / AMHR / AMHA Red Sabino Mare

Lab Tested: e/e, a/a, N/SB1

Establo Martini On The Rocks (HOF)  x  CLC Baile Del Sol

National Top Five Two Year Old Mare (4th out of 19)  |  National Top Ten Model Mare (9th out of 24)  |  National Top Ten Mare Owned, Bred & Shown by Exhibitor (6th out of 23)  |  National Top Ten Multi Color Mare (10th out of 11)  |  Reserve GRAND Champion Mare  |  Multi Reserve Champion Junior Mare  |  Multi Champion & Reserve Champion Two Year Old Mare  |  Champion & Multi Champion Amateur Halter Mare  |  Multi Champion Owned, Bred & Shown by Exhibitor

Congratulations to Tracy Tilton-Gutscher of Washington


Claybury Money Talks

2014 TRIPLE Registered (ASPC / AMHR / AMHA) Black Stallion

Lab Tested: E/e, a/a, N/SW1

From the Heart Right on the Money (ASPC / AMHR) | Claybury’s Right on the Money (AMHA) x 

Rhapsody’s Minuet in C (ASPC / AMHR) | Claybury’s Rhapsody Minuet in C (AMHA)

World Top Ten Junior Stallion  |  Supreme Halter Champion  |  Multi Grand Champion  |  Reserve Grand Champion

World Grand Champion Producer  |  World Champion Producer

Congratulations to Tracy Tilton-Gutscher of Washington​

Claybury Money Talks is a World Top Ten Champion and Supreme Halter Champion. He Sired 2 x World Champion and World GRAND Champion Stallion, Indian Peaks Talkin Beaucoup Bucks. “Talker’s” Dam, Rhapsody’s Minuet in C, is sired by Rudolph’s Golden Comanche. “Talker” is one of the smallest IF not the smallest of the Rhapsody / Rock “E” lines and he has many HOF and HOF Producers in his Pedigree. “Talker’s” foals tend to have the Color/Color Pattern or Dilute Gene that the Mare is carrying.

Sundance LB Spanish Magic ST

Sundance LB Spanish Magic ST

2014 ASPC/AMHR Black Mare  |  Lab Tested: E/e, a/a

Establo Aztec (HOF)  x  Sundance LB Magical Delite

Congratulations to her New Owner.

Sundance LB Spanish Magic ST is an elegant Mare with very nice conformation and Balance, is very upright and has beautiful floating movement, and a beautiful Araby head. We are excited about what she can produce in our Breeding Program by her adding her wonderful qualities to our Foals. Her sire, Establo Aztec (HOF), is a Multi National Halter Champion and Halter HOF. He is a producer of many HOF’s and Supreme Champions.

Sundance LB Spanish Magic ST is the result of the “Golden Cross” of the Arenosa and Seth Thomas Bloodline, which is the best of both lines. This combination produces beautiful heads and conformations.  The Seth Thomas lines were bred with Sundance’s favorite Arenosa Mares.

Sundance LB Catalina Express SA


Sundance LB Catalina Express SA

2019 ASPC/AMHR Black Colt | E/E, a/a

Sundance LB Juan Pablo (HOF) x Sundance LB Catalina

"Preston" is 100% Straight Arenosa breeding whose full Pedigree comes straight from the horses from the Audrey Barrett Arenosa Breeding Program.  Audrey Barrett was an expert horsewoman who started the Arenosa Pony Farm in 1941 in Victoria, Texas. Sundance purchased several Stallions and Mares from Audrey and has carried those line’s forward in their breeding Program. Many ASPC/AMHR Pedigree’s goes back to Audrey’s original Foundation lines and today Sundance is the largest Straight Arenosa farms that exists today.


"Preston's" Sire, Sundance LB Juan Pablo, is a beautiful Black Pinto Halter Hall of Fame Stallion. Producer many Hall of Fame Progeny. "Preston" will be a back-up Stallion in our Breeding Program.