Hyde Away Ranch  Fast  N  Furious 



2019 ASPC / AMHR Smoky Black Gelding

Claybury Money Talks (TRIPLE Reg. ASPC / AMHR / AMHA) x Wa-Full Unique Buckwheat

Enjoy Fury's Video

His Sire is a 32" Triple Reg. Stallion. Fury will be a good prospect for AMHA Hardshipping.   


Hyde Away Ranch Fast N Furious certainly has Character and Attitude! His antics will keep you laughing. When he trots, which is all the time, it's an "OH WOW!" He is just beautiful to watch. He is so comical with his attitude of "Everyone look at me!" He will do well in the Show Arena especially in Liberty. He will remain small so he will be a AMHA Hardshipped prospect.



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