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2021 ASPC / AMHR Bay Colt

E/E, A/a - Homozygous Black

Monty of Dreamcatcher (HOF)  |  Monty of Legends (ASPC) x Caldwell's Evening Star 

HAR Images Coming Soon.jpg

We are very fortunate to have Hyde Away Ranch Blue Dynamo as part of our Breeding Program. He is the smallest Caldwell's Evening Star has produced for us. All of her Offspring have been very upright with a nice necks, wonderful comformations, and refinement. She throws her powerful trot to all of her offspring. This boy also has it all just in a smaller package. With a Pedigree like his, we know what he produces will do very well in the Show Arena. 


Caldwell’s Evening Star has a powerful trot, a nice neck and wonderful conformation. She has produced incredible foals with different Stallions. Several of her foals have been shipped overseas to Australia and Europe. Her Colt that went to Europe, RHA Unique Desperado, has achieved in Europe First Place (Excellent) consistently and with all of the Judges against many other horses of different sizes and breeds. RHA Unique Desperado always won unanimously; therefore making him a very highly prized Breeding Stallion in the Breeding Studbooks for the Netherlands and Belgium Stud Books.  He also has competed in Driving Classes winning unanimously there, too.  

HAR Blue Dynamo FINAL.jpg
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